Top 3 Restaurants in Tullahoma Tennessee

As Tullahoma Tennessee is becoming more active and our restaurants are now opening back up to indoor dining. Many of us are ready to visit our favorite restaurants once again. Choosing which restaurant to patronize may not be an easy one. If you google restaurants in Tullahoma, quite a few pop up with similar reviews and stars. So, I am reducing this list to the three restaurants that I, your Tullahoma chiropractor, would most recommend.

Emil's Bistro & Market Place

The first on my recommended list is Emil’s Bistro & Market Place. Emil’s is located at 210 East Lincoln Street in a converted home. A bistro is a quaint French restaurant where patrons can enjoy casual fine dining. The marketplace offers fresh salads, baked goods, sea food and other grocery items that can be purchased and enjoyed at home.

Emil’s Bistro offers a warm and homey atmosphere and the food is absolutely delicious. The Friday lunch buffet is liked by everyone in our office. Emil’s opened in 2001 by French owner and chef, Georges Martin and his wife Tammy. Chef Georges specializes in a variety of ethnical dishes not just French cuisine. His culinary skill is too diverse to have him labeled simply as a French Chef. In fact, one of my favorite foods on the buffet is the green beans. Yes, that’s right boring little side legume that it is, Chef Georges can even make green beans taste fabulous.

Las Trojas

Next on my list of favorite restaurants is Las Trojas. Just across the street from Tullahoma Chiropractic and Medical Center at 1905 N Jackson Street, Las Trojas is an ideal place to go for lunch.

My first suggestion for someone visiting this restaurant for the first time is try the homemade guacamole. With large chunks of guacamole, I could make a meal out of just this appetizer and some chips. Another favorite is the fajita quesadilla. Las Trojas also offers vegetarian dishes and the option to omit cheese and dairy for my plant-based friends.

Whiskey Trails BBQ and Steakhouse

Please do not assume that being third on my list, makes it less than the best, because I give this next restaurant 5 stars. If you are looking for the best BBQ around, I recommend Whiskey Trails BBQ and Steakhouse. This restaurant is conveniently located at 413 Wilson Ave. Visitors to Jack Daniels can drive straight down Highway 55 to enjoy their amazing BBQ and steaks.

The office where I work, Tullahoma Chiropractic and Medical Center, started holding free lunch seminars here this past spring. I had never eaten there before and had no idea what I was missing out on. The staff are all very friendly and I have witnessed their patience with even the rudest of customers. Even the grouchiest patients, walk away singing the praises of this delicious BBQ. The first time, I tried the pulled chicken. We were so busy that I completely forgot to put sauce on it before taking my first bite. OMG it was fantastic. This meat is so flavorful, it does not even need sauce. My vegan friends might not approve but for an occasional cheat night, I absolutely crave this American favorite.

There are many other delicious restaurants in Tullahoma Tennessee. When asking my friends their suggestions, I heard about other restaurants that although are good, did not make my list. When I turned to Google, the choices were numerous. Often, you can find top 10 lists. I have found however, that when searching for restaurants, the best is often grouped with others that frankly are not that great. So, if you are looking for the absolute best restaurants in Tullahoma, check out one of these three.